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Miles of
Aaron Walker
Burlingame Road Animal Hospital
Professional Designation:
Certification Type:
Certification Date:
5501 SW 29th St
Business Phone Number:
798 267 1012
Abagaile Filsmyer
Companions Animal Hospital
Professional Designation:
Certification Type:
Certification Date:
1798 Merrick Rd
New York
Business Phone Number:
516 431 1133
Abbey Gates
Certification Type:
Certification Date:
Abbie Cotton
Greenhills Veterinary Hospital
Certification Type:
Certification Date:
19 Mitchell Dr
New South Wales
Business Phone Number:
02 4934 1900
Abbie Janisch
University of Illinois - College of Veterinary Medicine
Certification Type:
Certification Date:
2001 S Lincoln Ave
Business Phone Number:
217 333 2760


*If there is no street address listed, the map will default to the approximate center of the city or state. That is not the person’s location. If you are one such certified person and wish to have your place of employment listed, please contact us with the details. 

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